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Centrifugal sieves

Our centrifugal sieves come in three diameters: 850, 1000 and 1050 mm. They have been continuously improved over the past decades to suit your latest process requirements. They can be applied widely in your process, from starch extraction from tapioca or potatoes, de-watering of pulp to extraction of residue from starch water. Our centrifugal sieves are completely made of stainless steel ensuring highest performance, including a 5 mm thick housing and a 4 mm thick sieve basket.


The sieve baskets are available in a variety of types and sizes to suit your application conditions. Options include all stainless-steel wedge wire and etched screens with operating holes between 30 and 250 μm. Our automated sieve cleaning system reduces your service intervals and time. The dynamically balanced sieve basket combined with the latest technology for fine precision production ensures lowest possible wear and practically no vibration of the machine.

Technical data

* based on processing cassava (25% starch).

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